Keno in Modern America

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Keno in history was a game that was played alongside horse racing. When the government decided to start taking the proceeds of horse racing the casinos took out the horse racing and just called the game keno. This was played primarily in the state of Nevada and up until 1989 the maximum a person could win in the game was $ 50,000. Over time this has changed and now keno jackpots are very high.

In modern America, playing keno is not only reserved to playing in a casino anymore. It is now being played online at a higher incidence than it is at the casinos. There are also a number of varieties of the game that you can play as well as software that you can download to play the game purely for recreational purposes.

For the games that are not played online you can find them being played daily in some states and weekly in others. Winners know their standings as the results are always posted in a local newspaper, as well as they are announced via other media such as radio and television. For online games or games played in casinos you can easily see the results within seconds of the game finishing.

Just as with the regular lottery part of the proceeds from this keno lotto games are used for funding civic projects. It is also used for charitable purposes as well as for military funding. So when you play keno you can be certain that a part of your money is going to a good cause.


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