Las Vegas Winners Guide to Saving $ 100's

Las Vegas Winners Guide to Saving $ 100's

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You've checked in to your Vegas room, the bags are away, and you're ready to hit the casino running. But wait, before you do, make sure you've dropped in to meet the casino host. Not only is the casino host one of the most important people you'll meet at the casino, they can save you hundreds of dollars.

Meeting a casino host is easy; you can phone them before you arrive. Or you can arrange a quick introduction to the casino host, from the players club booth or front desk. The job of a casino host is to establish a great relationship with the players in the hope that they will become loyal customers of their establishment. The Casino hosts are friendly people; their job is to make sure the players are well taken care of. They have the authority to give out free show tickets, meals, drinks and rooms. They want you to enjoy your stay, spend money and come back another day.

No matter what your gambling budget is, it's to your advantage to meet the casino host. Do not worry about the money you intend to spend gambling. The mere act of meeting the host with your desire to learn more about their casino comp rates can have some very favorable results.

Make sure to introduce yourself to the host and inquire about their specific policies. Explaining to the host your desire to stay at their casino in the future is a great way to break the ice. Get the hosts' business card and make sure no matter how much you spend during your stay that you contact them before checkout. If you spend enough gambling, they will not even make you pay for your room.

During your stay you must make sure you are getting rated by the casino for your play. The casino tracks your expenses through their players card. You can sign up for the casino's players card at a special area on the casino floor. This card will be used each time you play a slot machine or sit at a table game.

After a day of gambling or a particularly long run at the table games, you can ask to meet with the host again. This is a particularly good time to ask the host if you qualify for a comp to a show or restaurant. Many times you'll find the host willing to try to accommodate your request, even if you do not currently have enough credit accrued on your players card.

Whether you receive a comp or not make sure you remember to thank your host. On more than one occasion a simple thank you has been rewarded with a bottle of champagne sent up to my room, and even if you do not drink, there's just something cool about that.


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