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Bingo games are fun games that can be enjoyed by anyone, even kids. This is because the object to win a bingo game is pretty easy; all you've got to do is buy a bingo card. Then you wait for the numbers on the card you have to be called in the formation required and you win.

Because bingo games are so popular and easy, there have been some variations made to make the bingo game more fun for others to play. A poker bingo game is the latest craze to hit bingos. You might say it's kind of twisted to play poker and bingo at the same time, but trying the poker bingo game will not hurt, give it a go.

It's a fair bingo game because players will all get 6 bingo cards to begin the game. The prices of the bingo card will vary form .01 to a dollar. The ante of the bingo varies as well.

In each round 10 balls will be quickly called. When the round ends you are given an option to hold all or some of your bingo cards by clicking them. You may also discard them and wait for the next bingo game.

For each bingo card kept, you will pay an ante to continue on the next round. As each round of 10 bingo balls is called you are given the same options as mentioned above. As each round of the bingo poker game begins, the pot grows.

To prevent yourself from being disappointed of the cards you've discarded but the numbers are popping there. It's best to keep some of the bingo cards for a few rounds of bingo poker game.

The game is rather lengthy but is also quick at the same time. Another great thing about bingo poker games is that players get to the same number of bingo cards for each game.

It's a fun and exciting bingo game that is still pretty new. It would be great if the popularity of this bingo game surge. This is because it is really a fun and great way to play bingo a game for people looking for something new.

After all, regular bingo is a pretty long game, and some players may be getting the itch to play poker. With bingo poker game, the player is hitting two birds with one stone.

Just search online for these new type of bingo game and I'm sure there will be a site that can offer you this new type of bingo game.


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