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Did you know that you can learn to play no limit poker free on the internet? I wish that I had really known that back when I first started. When I started playing no limit poker I would go to the casino time and time again, only to leave with $ 100 or $ 200 less than I had showed up with.

Nowadays with the advent of the internet and the many internet poker rooms you are fortunate to be able to learn the game for free online. You just download one of the many poker room software programs that offer free money tables - there are a lot of different poker rooms, all are fine. Then you can play for free online against skilled players. You may want to find a site to read up on the rules a little bit, but soon enough you get the hang of it.

Now I will treat you to a little bit of strategy that is all you need to do well playing free money games online. Just wait for AK, JJ, QQ, KK or AA and then go all in. In free money games you will get called. Other than that, fold. This is actually a really good way to learn the game, as it teaches you the most vital poker skill of all - patience. To be a good poker player you must be unwaveringly patient to the point of frustration and insanity.

When you play this way, you will soon accumulate an awful lot of "free money" chips in your poker room of choice. Once you have a large amount of chips, then you can feel free to start experimenting with different play styles, seeing what works and what does not. However you must keep in mind that poker is a very psychological game. You must keep in mind what your opponent is thinking at all times.

When playing for free online, you have to keep in mind that there is no money riding on this. People will play very bad hands and they will call you with bad hands because it is all for free. If you want to be successful at free money play, then you need to play good hands and win chips. This is pretty much the strategy for real money play.

Once you have a large amount of free money chips, have experimented with them for several months, played through free money tournaments and won then you can move on, as long as you feel that you are comfortable enough with the game of poker and its rules to be able to play for real money. Grab the $ 100 or so that it takes to play in a live tournament and go to your local casino, or lacking that you can play for cheaper on one of the many online poker rooms.

Once you have made the plunge and started spending money on poker, you have completed your goal and learned to play poker for free. Hopefully you are successful, as there is much luck in this game just as there is skill. I wish you well on your journey. One last parting bit of advice - keep track of all your poker winnings and expenses, and if at all possible build a dedicated poker bankroll where you put your winnings - this will help you to play poker without being scared, as you are using your " poker money. "


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