Let Poker Be a Mind Game – Not a Bingo or Lotto Game!

Let Poker Be a Mind Game – Not a Bingo or Lotto Game!

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Poker should be a strategy game, a mind game. All this characteristics of poker are in a secondary plan because of THEM. fishy players. I will speak as a poker tournaments player. Many players will say: "Play tournaments with expensive buy ins". It is simply to say that. But not every poker player has a full bank account.

A poker game is a poker game. We should respect our adversary at the tables. Where is that spirit? For example now few days I play a freeroll at Party Poker. Prizes: 25 tickets to a great tournament with 5000 $ as prizes plus another ticket to a 15 000 $ tournament. Pretty nice we can say. Even is just a freeroll we expect to play a quality game. BUT NO! Fishes are in a great form today. For 10 minutes I did not see a flop. For 10 minutes was a battle of all ins at my table. Hmmm .... what should I do now I was asking myself. Well ... I will wait! I throw away hands like AK, JJ, TT and ... I was doing the right choices. Why? For example when I have JJ a chip runner (fish) was going all in with 2 4 suited. Another player pay him with AK off suited. What cards were on table?

FLOP: A 8 T. All good until now but on TURN: ZBANG 3 and on the the RIVER: guess what ZBANG 5. AHAHAHAHAH was the reaction of the aquarium animal. About me in that tournament? Well I was resisted 3 hours approximately. There was remaining only 50 players in the tournament when the tables were balanced. SURPRISE! The aquarium animal was again with me at the table. I was scared because I was 47 placed in that moment ... he resisted only a few hands at that table because there were good players on the table. 2 all ins and he was out. I mention that he was Chip Leader until then? 🙂 I finish on 36 but I was happy ... I saw a live execution ...

I play hundreds of poker tournaments until now ... freerolls and with buy ins of maximum 10 $ because I did not have more possibilities. But only in one tournament I have that feeling. Feeling that I play real poker. I was winning a ticket to a tournament of 250K. I play ... 5000 entries ... after one hour of play ... 4300 player remaining ... WOW! I did not win anything but the poker spirit was happy. I wish to have that feeling once a week, once a month, once a year ... I will play, I will fight ... I will try to defeat THEM.

Let us playing ... let us dreaming ... All the respect for good poker players!


Source by Glont Ionut


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