Low on Chips? – 3 Good Poker Tips For Playing the Short Stack

Low on Chips? – 3 Good Poker Tips For Playing the Short Stack

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How often do you find yourself with a low chip stack? Well unless you are the luckiest person ever, it probably happens just about every time you play poker. Even though I am a poker expert, I still find myself with a low chip stack frequently. However, there are some simple ways that you can use to pull yourself out of a rut and make some large gains.

Be Conservative

That's right, when you are low on chips, do not risk as many. This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but think about what you do when you get low on chips. If you're like I was as a beginner, you probably go all in on the first pocket pair or face card you see. While you can occasionally get lucky using this technique, you will actually stay in the game longer if you tighten up your betting. Slow play it with low bets and you will get more calls. And with less chips at risk, most players will just fold to get out of the hand.

Do not Get Scared Off

While you want to remain conservative, at the same time, you also want to remain confident in your own skills. If you have the best hand, then play accordingly. Do not let the other players scare you off of a pot just because you have a smaller stack.

Do not Give Up

Just hang in there and ever your superior skills will lead you to victory. Now, while that sounds great, it will not always be true. Poker has its ups and downs, but if there is one thing that can help you in any situation, it is perseverance. Most players will simply give up once they get a small stack, but if you hang in there and have confidence, your chances will at least be much greater.

So remember these things when you get to a low chip stack. Tighten your betting, but not too tight. Remember, the point of the game is at some point win ALL of the chips. Also, you need to remember that it only takes one chip to win a tournament.


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