Mini Lotto – How to Correctly Pick 5-31

Mini Lotto – How to Correctly Pick 5-31

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The Mini Lotto is a type of lottery game, with versions played through the world. Here, the bettor picks five (5) numbers out of thirty-one (31).

While there are those who say that Mini Lottos allow very little chance of winning, there are techniques that have helped "lucky" winners. You can apply these techniques the next time you play the Mini Lotto. Surely, you will see improvements in your probabilities and can look forward to winning soon.

How to Correctly Pick 5/31 in the Mini Lotto

Here are some techniques, which you can apply when you play the Mini Lotto:

1. Play with the Statistics: Several analyzes have been made on the lot of winning lotto numbers through the years. Several of these studies go back to lottery winners since 1955, for different lotto and mini lotto games across the globe. One finding stands out: that is, the more often a number or set of number wins, the greater the possibility that this will continue to win.

The moral here is that you should play along with the odds. If a number or set of numbers is known to be picked 50% of the time, then you can expect it to continue at this trend. Oppositely, if a number or set of numbers is only picked 5% of the time, then you can expect to lose 95% of the time, when you play with that number.

This is not some mumbo-jumbo advice. It is actually a result of studies made on winning lottery numbers.

2. Mix the Odds and the Evens: With the numbers 1 to 31, the odds of picking an odd or even even number is rather even. So, when selecting your set of numbers, mix in odds and evens equally. Do not lean towards one or the other. Rarely has there a mini lotto winner that leans towards one end or another. That possibility is only three percent. However, the possibility for a 3-to-2 or 2-to-3 split is 67%.

3. Spread between the Highs and the Lows: In the Mini Lotto, the number 1 to 16 is considered the low half, while the numbers 17 to 31 belong to the high half. In the analyzes of several Mini Lotto games, rarely has an all low or all high set of numbers won. The probability here is only 3%. You are more likely to win with an even mix of lows and highs. The two-to-three and three-to-two mix has a 68% probability of winning.

4. Add Up: Another odd statistical finding when it comes to Mini Lotto results is that a group of numbers that add up to sixty (60) to one hundred (100) is more likely to win than other number sums. The odds here are at 70% likelihood of winning.

5. Repeat Winning Numbers: Even though the Mini Lotto is a game of chance, some numbers appear luckier than the rest, statistically speaking. Through the course of lottery winnings, it's been found that winning numbers tend to repeat themselves and appear in other sets of winning numbers.

6. Count Out Numbers In: Out numbers refer to numbers which are not included among the winning numbers for six games or less. These numbers are more likely to show up in the next winning numbers so count them in when you place your bets.


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