Minimum Deposit Poker – Play Poker on a Budget

Minimum Deposit Poker – Play Poker on a Budget

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Poker sites with low minimum deposit levels are definitely great to play at. By having low minimum deposits; such as $5 or $10 it allows all players regardless of their wealth to begin playing the great game of poker, online. The reason many poker sites have high minimum deposits, such as Fulltilt Poker having a minimum deposit of $50 for a long period is to cover the fees that are incurred by processing deposits. It isn't uncommon for sites to have to pay fees of up to 15% + a one of payment to cover the processing charges. And this one of payment can be quite high so taking small deposits can often leave the site with a loss, especially if the player loses all of his deposit in one hand and doesn't generate the site much rake.

Switched-on poker sites realize that players who are looking to make small deposits eventually deposit much larger amounts. Some players want to go through the depositing process with a small amount to get used to depositing before "risking" larger amounts. In general online gambling tends to be looked at negatively in the press, so it doesn't come as a surprise when you hear of players losing thousands from payment fraud. As my job relies heavily on strong online gambling growth, you wouldn't believe how many people I tell about it reply with answers such as "Isn't that dangerous?" or "Isn't that illegal?". But in general if you are diligent and stick to the larger more reputable poker sites you will be fine depositing any amount of money in to your poker account.

Remember to check what limits a poker site offers before depositing, nowadays most sites start cash games from $0.01/$0.02 and tournaments with a "buyin" in the $1 region. So if you deposit $10 you will be more then equipped for these stakes. Some sites still live in the stone age, and only offer games of $0.05/$0.10 and tournaments from $5, so carefully check before hand and if that is the case you should probably look elsewhere to play as there are plenty of reputable sites offering very small minimum deposit amounts and small stake poker games.


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