Oh, Sweet Future, Wii Like U! The Nintendo Wii U Is on Its Way

Oh, Sweet Future, Wii Like U! The Nintendo Wii U Is on Its Way

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The Nintendo Wii U console is so advanced that it's already being considered as the herald for a new eighth generation of video games. No joke. As if that's not enough to recommend it, lets consider how the Nintendo Wii U console can be considered as a truly modern entertainment peripheral.

Of course, the console still moves when you move, but you knew that going in. In response to the Kinect for Xbox, or the Move for PlayStation, the original motion-sensitive console has sharpened its game sensors and detection. It is now a much-improved experience; as well as adding monitors to the remotes; the Nintendo Wii U console is fully backwards compatible with old Wii games, which is a welcome function of any new console.

I could bore you with the science of it all, but to be honest, I hardly understand it myself. What I will tell you is that the Wii U is an evolutionary shift in gaming. Faster, harder, better and badder, the Wii U is here to replace the Wii and, if it has its way, any other consoles in your life as well. The Wii U is perfectly adapted to an age of constant updates, improvements and rampant innovations by advancing not only the form and function of its predecessor, but the very thing that made the Wii such a hot seller in the first place. That's right, the Wii U remotes now have monitors built in to them, allowing for a greater depth of game data and a thoroughly immersive experience.

Nintendo aims their products at a marketplace dominated by young professionals, graduates, parents and businesspeople. In turning their backs on the 'geek' market, they have been able to seep their products through the cracks and reach a bigger and richer group. A demographic wider than anyone could have imagined, a veritable sales Eden. It's all very well for competitors to shrug, but a combination of winning gameplay, simple, addictive games and a machine refreshingly devoid of nerd credentials is a surefire moneymaking success; and, when you factor in that the Nintendo Wii U console is arguably the most advanced home console ever created, Nintendo starts to look very dangerous indeed, like those guys who play poker and lose the first few rounds on purpose.

So, technologically attuned to the spirit of the age, precision-engineered to thrive in a bustling marketplace and hailed by experts as a machine of tomorrow, gifted to us today, the Wii U looks about to turn the world of gaming on its head. The future was always going to be a world where the parent's basement brigade surrendered their hold over gaming culture and gifted the mainstream with an explosive cornucopia of 'lifestyle additions' and 'entertainment peripherals' that are, ultimately, great games consoles. The Nintendo Wii U heralds the attack of the gleaming futurists, as brilliant as they are absurd and as majestic as they are contradictory. This machine is the first of its kind, but it shall not be the last. You have been warned.


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