Online Poker – Poker Hands That Are a Danger

Online Poker – Poker Hands That Are a Danger

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Online poker is usually a more difficult game to beat than playing in a card room or poker room.

Poker hands that are a particular danger online are those times when you are trying to steal the blinds.

For example, everyone folds to you on the button. You peek at your cards and find J-8 offsuit. It is not a great hand, but it is good enough to raise with, because it is good enough to take a shot at stealing the blinds.

Stealing the blinds is a well-known move by all poker players. If you get called when you try to steal, you can not just give up. If you improve your hand, you should bet the flop. If you do not improve your hand, do not make a knee-jerk continuation bet.

Ask yourself these questions:

o What range of hands do you put your opponents on?
o Do you think the flop helped their hands?
o What are their betting patterns from the blinds? Do they fold or defend? And, how do they play on the flop?
o Did you pick up any tells?
o If you make a bet on the flop, what hand are you representing?

Online poker makes the decision even harder because:

o It is difficult to put your opponents on a range of hands, since you can not see how they acted when they looked at and played their hand pre-flop.
o It is difficult to know if the flop helped your opponents hands, since you can not see how they reacted to the flop.

Overall, all of the emotional responses you may get from watching a player at a brick and mortar casino is lost when you play online. When you are doing the stealing online with air, it can be a more dangerous situation.

Here is the poker moves when you get called on a steal and the flop missed your hand:

If you are against one opponent you should lean toward making that bet. Or, you should check the flop and bet on the turn when your opponent checks.

If you are against two opponents, you should lean toward checking your hand. If your opponents show weakness by checking the turn, then you can bet.


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