Open Your Mind To The Possibilities Lottery Software Brings

Open Your Mind To The Possibilities Lottery Software Brings

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The amount of individuals who scoff at the notification of software helping them win money on the lottery is equaled by the number of people who laugh at those who purchase this software. Those who purchase their ticket the old-fashioned way: pick numbers at random or allow the computer to do it for them believe that spending $ 30 or so on a piece of software is a waste of money. These are the same people that will spend $ 30 a week purchasing random tickets without ever seeing a return. Knowing that probability plays a big role in choosing the correct lottery numbers is a huge step in the right direction. The realization that a good piece of software can help you achieves this is a significant second step.

The Numbers Game

The odds of winning a powerball jackpot are approximately 195 million to one. Buying 30 tickets theoretically reduces these odds to 6.5 million to one. This is seriously a great boost is it? You would still have better odds of winning the six figure prize for having five numbers with one ticket which is just above 5 million to one. Those who play $ 1 a week for 30 weeks have even less of a chance of winning than spending the $ 30 all in one go.

So, Who Is Wasting Money?

So once again, why is spending a small sum of money on lottery software a waste? Even if it does not deliver the jackpot, it is still far more likely to win you a cash prize of some description. This is because software can analyze the previous 100 or 50 or even many drawings you wish to look at. Believers in the random nature of the lotto ignore such analysis but that's their loss.

By looking at various factors and numbers from previous draws, the software has the ability to spot trends that a human mind would never pick up. For example, it may notice that a certain number always comes up three draws after another number is drawn. This may seem like pure coincidence but mathematicians swear that the lottery is not random. Even if the software gets one of 30 predictions correct, it still offers better odds than picking blindly. If you are going to spend money on the lottery, you may as well explore every avenue in order to maximize your elearning potential. Otherwise, you are just paying voluntary tax to the government.


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