Playing Roulette Online for Money – Most Common Mistakes and Best Practices

Playing Roulette Online for Money – Most Common Mistakes and Best Practices

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Knowing which roulette strategies to follow or which ones you should avoid is no easy task. That is why we have put together a list of the most common Do's and Dont's for playing roulette online for money. Check it out ...

Do stick to European Roulette - Among the benefits of playing roulette online is that you have a choice of games and roulette variations. This means that European roulette is most likely on the menu. When you play European roulette you can effectively lower the casino mathematical advantage to just 2.63% which gives you greater chances of winning more often.

Do get to know Roulette Systems - There are many roulette systems available on the net including Labouchere, Martingale and D'Alembert. These systems are based on different mathematical and statistical concepts that can help you understand the odds and can make your play more fun. If possible learn these roulette systems before you play for real money but bear in mind that these are not 100% effective.

Do concentrate on Even Money Bets - A really good way to make the most out of your bankroll and enjoy playing roulette for longer is by placing even money bets. For the most part, these type of bets offer a 50:50 winning odd, so you can earn back a lot of payouts on your bets. Another reason for placing Even Money bets is that these can help you wager money without going bust. Wagering money without going bust is important because any money wagered contributions to the release of your First Deposit Bonus into your player account. Once this money is released into your account, you will be able to withdraw it.

Do not play American Roulette - If you're playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, American roulette may be your only choice but if you're playing roulette online do not settle for American roulette. This variant of roulette gives the casino a higher advantage over the players, around 5.26%, so stay away from this version of roulette.

Do not buy Roulette Systems - If someone knew how to effectively cheat the casino on roulette, do you really believe that person would give it away? Even if someone had that magic formula and he or she was willing to sell it, it would not take long for the casinos to find out and simply amend their software to prevent players from winning thousands every time. That being said, you should not waste your money paying for any roulette system that promises guaranteed winnings over time, it's simply not real.

Do not make Low% Bets with a small Bankroll - Some roulette bets offer high returns on your stake but low winning odds, these include single number bets and street bets. If you have a small budget to play with, try avoiding these bets since the odds of you winning are very low and you're likely to go bust rather quickly.

Playing roulette online for money is an experience that can be both thrilling and rewarding but it can also leave you with an empty wallet if you are not careful. The tips we've discussed in this article are just a few guidelines to help you enjoy roulette more safely. Stick to these recommendations when playing for real money and remember that you are playing roulette for the thrill of winning, not to get rich overnight.


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