Poker Book Report- Limit Holdem Hand by Hand by Neil D. Myers

Poker Book Report- Limit Holdem Hand by Hand by Neil D. Myers

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There is a new writer in the poker world, and he is an English sounding dude living in New York and playing a lot in the private poker clubs and Atlantic City Casinos. The only reason I know is English sounding is because included in its very well thought out book titled Limit Holdem Hand by Hand, The Quick and Easy Way to Advanced Poker Play is quite an extensive DVD that beginners will find very useful.

In fact I find the DVD superior to some productions of years past from the likes of Hellmuth, Duke and Lederer to name a few. One great thing about listening to Myers is that he is modest but comes across very precise and accurate. It cave him more credence as I perused his video and read the book.

The hand by hand part of the title is very well put. Assuming you already know the basics of the game of hold'em, this book can quite succinctly bring you into profitability, or at least stop you from bleeding on your white shirt.

The book introduces a rather tight, positional starting hand guide with exceptions for flights before the action gets to you. As a reference point the guide is a bit looser than Sklansky, and a bit tighter than Ed Miller, but does compensate for and help you recognize different playing styles that you will find common in limit ring games.

I think this text is laid out quite well because as far as starting hand guides go, this book takes you literally, hand by hand through 52 of the most common hand combat situations you will face at the table over and over again. So even though the starting hand guide may seem restrictive, once you get into the hand by hand analysis you find that Myers is a bit of a looser nut than may seem. I have often found that exact strategy to be true in low limit games as well. To me it matters far less what to your bottom line how you play preflop than it does your post flop play, and Myers certainly has a handle on that and explains it better than 9 of 10 writers out there now.

True, a beginner's style book, but it is quality enough to be reading on the bus or in the car on your way to the casino. I have to give this book some solid kudos here as anyone learning and aspiring to get better can simply not avoid to do so through these chapters and video.


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