Poker Hand – How to Hide Yours

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Nobody ever talks about about how to hide your hand at the poker table. We have all seen how the pros do it on TV, but for the average weekend Texas Holdem player that finds themselves in Vegas or a casino playing poker for the weekend, hiding your hand is probably the farthest thing from your mind. However, it can be important and do not think that other players are not trying to peek, as unethical as that may be!

First, the easiest way to hide your hand when you go to look at your cards is to cup both hands around the cards and only lift the end of the cards closest to you. Do not lift the entire card. Also, keep the hand as close to your rail of the table as possible. This further eliminates the chances of someone seeing a card. If it is farther away, players to either side may catch a glimpse. Also, someone walking behind you may see your cards if they are further away from you as well.

The next time you must be careful about hiding your hand is when you fold. Many players will try to get a look at at least one of the cards you folded, especially if the hand went to a flop, turn, or river. This way, they can get a read on how you might play the next hand. It is best to slide your cards to the dealer slowly. Do not pick them up and toss them. Players can see from underneath and also there is more of a chance that a card will be exposed accidentally. This is also why you move the cards to the dealer slowly. Hasty movements will sometimes result in a card being turned up.

Mucking slowly and looking at your cards slowly is even more important in games other than No Limit Texas Holdem. Games like Omaha give you 4 cards in your hand, so there is even more chance for error. Stud will give you 5 holes cards if you go all the way to 7th street, so you really need to be aware of keeping the cards understood.

Remember, poker is a game of incomplete information. The more information your opponents can get on you, the bigger advantage they have. Hiding your cards at a poker table is important at all times and an aspect that can not be overlooked.


Source by Chris Wilcox


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