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Poker playing cards are generally a standard set of 52. The jokers are discarded when playing poker, although they are usually included in the deck. Most poker that is played today does not include the use of jokers or wild cards. When you are playing with that include the jokers, these are often called wild cards and can be used for any card that you want.

Some poker playing card decks are a little wider than the average card deck, although the standards in casinos are to use a standard deck. PokerPeek, a brand of poker playing cards that were introduced at the World Poker Championship in 2007 were a bit different than the regular cards and featured a different angle as well as smaller numbers on the card. They were supposed to be easier for players to see their cards without allowing anyone else to see their heads, but after players complained about using them, they were removed.

The Ace is the high card. There are four suits in the poker deck. These are the spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. You can play with the Ace as being the high card or the low card, as a one, but this must be specified before the start of the game. In most games, the ace can be either high or low.

After the Ace in poker comes the King, then the Queen, the Jack, or Knave, the 10 and then so on down the numerical line until you get to 2. When you are playing with poker playing cards, it is customary to use only the standard, 52 card deck. This is why Texas Hold em 'is such a popular game as it allows up to 10 players to play a 7 card stud game. This is because five of the 7 cards are community cards and can be used by all the players in the game.

You can find poker playing cards at a variety of shops and novelty stores. You can also purchase used poker playing cards from casinos, although these are often just given away as they have holes in them so that they can not be reused in the casinos. If you want to get your own set of cards, you can easily do this online. You can design cards to feature your pictures at online vendors. These are usually used as a novelty gift item for individuals and can be a fun way to give someone who loves playing poker a gift that they will remember.


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