Poker Skills – Avoiding Limping During Tournament Play

Poker Skills – Avoiding Limping During Tournament Play

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Even the best poker player will be required to limp through the course of a tournament from time to time and while it may seem weak and counter productive, please note that it is a legitimate and useful strategy, and definitely one which will pay off major disputes in the long run. This may run contrary to what you have read that far in the various poker help guides you may have come across during your studies, but there you have it.

Does limping have a proper place in poker and does it provide the user with some benefit? Yes, absolutely. Just remember one thing: the drawback with limping is that weak players relly on it too much and they use it in the wrong way which means that they end up causing themselves more harm than good.

Please note that there are two important issues that render limping during the early stages of a tournament an unwelcome and unappealing decision to make, the first of these being that there is little prospect of you actually knowing what cards have rivals, and indeed, what move they may make. You will often find that you are backed into a corner and made to call raise, and do so with a less than ideal hand. Ignore mathematical proprietary in the early stages of the game, focusing on maintaining your stack of chips for as long as comfortably possible.

Another problem with limping with a weak hand is that many of the flops that are called will end up acting against you and this will pave the way for your opponents to then take control of the flow of the game and may result in you trapped in a costly bluffing game. Not good.

Limping can be used for beneficial purposes and to effective use especially when and where it is used to create a particular position within the game and or where you are seeking to lay the groundwork for a firm trap. In fact, limping is often used by seasoned players to gauge the relative strength of their foes allowing them to get a better handle for the situation in question. Limping will also help you minimize your losses and the number of errors you make at any given time, which is a godsend during an online match wheree every chip is a prisoner.

If you find yourself in a later position and you have an especially high value hand or strong pair of cards then you should press forward with your advantage and ensure that it is you that dictates the terms and progress of the pot. Where possible, fend off a continuation bet because this will reduce the value of the pot for you making the game less profitable for you.


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