Poker Stars Sunday Million Satellite Strategy

Poker Stars Sunday Million Satellite Strategy

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The Poker Stars Sunday Million has turned into the largest continuously online poker contest around. Its prize pool is increasing every week and not it is reached to over 1 million dollars each week. It is having attractive fields of more than 6000 players.

That's the reason buy-in for Sunday million is gone higher for many players at $ 215 and that made the Satellite tournaments are very popular now to get seats. Here we are going to describe about the qualifiers of Sunday Million Satellites Qualifiers.

Every poker room is having some rules and conditions. Here if you do not want to play in the main event you can un-register yourself and can take the tournament dollars from it. It can be used for any tourney, including sit and go or exchange of cash for around 80 to 85% value at the numerous websites.

You will also get the SNG planet of whole section, which is dedicated to Satellite Poker Tournaments. Some of its types are stated below:

Twice Shootout: Two types of SNG's are available. If you win the first table, you will be moved to the second. Then after you can win your seat for getting 1st to 4th. The rest final table finishers will get cash runners up to prizes. You will get 2 versions one is standard and another one is turbo. Standard is having 15 blind levels and turbo having 5. Another small 6-person table is available named as buy-in Triple Shootouts.

Flat Buy-In MTT: Here the values ​​fluctuate from $ 10 + 1 to $ 39 and having a standard 15 minute blind level. The lower buy-in MTTs might look cheaper but can really make it very hard to get a seat due to the bad seat ratio.

Re-buy MTT: This will state the re-buys along with standard blind levels individually of 15 minutes from the turbo re-buy satellite contest. These are $ 11 or $ 3 buy-in. It is the poor standard of play with every satellite.

Turbo Re-buy MTT: it is the favorite of many players. The buy-in costs are $ 3, $ 8 or $ 10. Here you get the 1000 chips to begin and the blind game goes for every 5 minutes. You will also get an add-on break of 30 minutes. Until the break time is over the blinds go up terrifyingly fast. After 1 hour, it reaches to 1000/2000 so no time to mess around.

Some more types are available like Sunday Super, Hyper Turbo.


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