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Surprisingly, the first legal casino started operation in Venice not Vegas, way back in the middle of the 17th century. Standard tools for wagering were introduced almost 200 years later, though! For all this while, poker was played without standard wagers! This is an example of how the game of poker has steadily evolved over time. Today, the processes of the game are fully structured and standardized. Same goes for poker accessories as well. Buying poker tables, for instance, will require you to be aware of the standard gaming norms.

Online vendors have made matters easier for those wishing to buy poker tables without much running around. However, getting the right variant is solely your responsibility. The best way is to attempt an evaluation of your needs and limitations through a simple question before you venture to choose.

Buying Poker Tables: Pre Purchase Self Evaluation
Ask yourself the following questions so that you can buy poker tables which are well suited to satisfy your need with complete accuracy:

  • How much space can I provide? The space availability factor will have a huge role to play in the decision making process. Depending upon the space you can provide, you would have to choose from either pedestals or folding poker tables or even table tops.
  • How many players am I planning to provide space for? This would be the key determining factor for the size of the table. Standard sized tables are made to accommodate around six players. However, if you have a larger or smaller group in mind, the size has to be adjusted accordingly. There is no point in spending on oversized tables if you are not going to need them.
  • Which make would you prefer? The table make you prefer would depend on your personal choices and preferences. If it is a wooden make, try and find as much as possible on the quality of wood which has been used. Also, checking if all required features are present is important. Ideally, the top of the table should have a soft covering so that chips handling can become easier.
  • What is your budget limit? Considering that you can accessorize your poker tables as much as you please, having a budget in mind will be a good option. It will prevent you from going overboard with the accessorizing exercise. Just spend only as much as you would actually require. A few extra frills should be passable but too many of them could in fact amount to waste of resources.


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