Poker Terminology – Sayings and Slang Words

Poker Terminology – Sayings and Slang Words

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If you are new to Poker then there maybe a few or lots of terms that you do not understand. Here I have compiled a list of the main terms used in alphabetical order. I hope you find this helpful.


Aces Full

Three aces and any pair (Full house)

Aces Up

Pair of aces and another pair (two pair)

Ace High

A poker hand that contains an ace. A hand that has no pair or better is decided on the highest card. Also used to determine the strength of a good hand, as in Ace High Flush


Is an expression used for your turn


Online abbreviation for a pair of aces

Active Player

A player who is in the pot more often than not. Also known as any player still holding cards in a game.


A player who bets and raises a lot


6 2 as your hole cards


Ace and Jack as your hole cards

All In

A player is considered to be All-In when all their chips are in the pot


A bet required to begin a hand. Paid by every player on the table on top of the small and big blind


The last two or three community cards that make a hand

Bad Beat

When the best hand is beaten by a lucky card, generally drawn on the river

Big Blind

The largest stake placed by the second player to the left of the dealer button before any cards are eliminated, determined amount set by game operator

Big Slick

Ace King as your hole cards


A forced bet put in by the two players to the left of the dealer button before any cards are dealt


All the community cards in a poker game

Bottom Pair

The lowest pair in the hand. The pair of 2's is the lowest in the game but not necessarily the lowest pair in the hand


To bet aggressively in order to trick your opponent in to believing you have a better hand than them


Nick name for a full house


The point in the game where only one player has to go out before every player is guaranteed to win something


Pair of aces


The burn card is the card discarded by the dealer before dealing the flop, turn and river


The button indicates where the cards get dealt from

Buy the pot

Making a big enough bet to make your opponents fold before a showdown


The cost to buy in to a tournament or cash game


To match the current bet


When there are no bets you will have the option to check, which will allow you to see the next card for free.


When a player checks, to allow another player to bet and then launches

Community Cards

The cards in the middle of the table that all players can use


Two hole cards that can make a straight with three other cards, for example 4,5


Pair of Kings

Dead Man's Hand

Two pairs - Aces & Eights


Is a large chip used to determine where the cards are eliminated from, usually determined as an "D" online


Pair of 2's

Drawing Dead

When no cards will make your hand the winning hand

Early Position

Usually the 2 or 3 positions after the dealer, or the first player to act

Fifth Street

Also known as the, is the fifth card to be eliminated on the table Flop

The first three community cards dealt


A player who will keep calling in order to hit cards on a long shot

Fish hooks

Pocket pair of Jacks

Fixed Limit

Bets can only be made in specified amounts

Flat Call

To call a bet without raising


When all five cards in your hand are the same suit


To lay your pocket cards down and withdraw from the hand

Forced Bet

A blind bet or an ante (determined by game operator)

Free Card

A community card deal because each player involved in the hand has checked

Free Roll

Free tournament entry, generally online

Full Boat or Full House

Three cards of one rank and two of another eg 555,44


A poker game with only two players

High Card

The highest card when their is no pair or better

Hole Cards

Also known as pocket cards, these are the two cards dealt to you ")


Is the card that will determine the winner if two or more players have the same hand. Eg two players have 44 88, one payer has an ace and player two has a king. Then player one wins with high card ace.


Pocket queens River

Also known as fifth street, it's the fifth and final card to deal Under the Gun

The player who must act first in the betting round, generally sitting to the left of the big blind


Calling the big blind


The best possible hand


Your private two hole cards, dealt face down

Pocket Pair

A hold'em starting hand with two cards of the same rank, making a pair

Pocket Rockets

A pair of Aces as your pocket cards


Your position at the table relative to where the dealer button is placed


The money / chips in the middle of table from blinds and bets


Actions before the first three community cards are dealt


Also known as four of a kind eg 4 4 4 4


When the community cards of all different suits


To increase the bet a player will have to call to stay in the pot


When you raise the bet once another player has made an initial raise

Ring Game

Also know as a cash game


To make a bluff when you still have a chance of making the winning hand by drawing cards

Small Blind

The first player to the left of the dealer has to post the small blind before any cards are dealt.


Also know as a players chips

Starting Hand

Your pocket cards

Suited Cards

Hole cards of the same suit


When a player has lost to a bad beat or has lost in some other way and begins to play wildly


A player who only plays with good cards


Also known as three of a kind, eg 4 4 4


The fourth community card deal


A straight from Ace to five


World Series of Poker


World poker tournament


European poker tournament


Source by Daniel Pearson


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