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I get a lot of the ideas for my submissions to Muppet Poker from Yahoo Answers, because I see the same questions pop up time and time again. I'll generally only pick a topic to write about if I've seen very little information about it elsewhere ... Here's this article. Cold decking is a method of cheating in poker (and, for that matter, in any card game).

Basically, the name referers to switching the deck during the game, and is derived from the fact that the new deck is colder (temperature-wise) than the old deck that was in play. You can switch decks all you want on sites like and

What this really means is that someone's introducing a stacked deck into play. This can advantage both players and casinos. Casinos? Yes, Casinos.

Player Advantage
In home games, usually the dealer button is rotated around the table along with the cards and everyone takes turns at dealing. Your sly friend has another deck sitting under the table that has been stacked to his advantage and he gives this the old switch-a-roo to get it up on the table. He then gives the deck a quick false shuffle, a few false cuts and deals the cards. Low n Behold, he's got pocket Aces, and takes down the pot.

Casino Advantage
When I say "casino" here, I mean the term in the loosest sense possible. Any poker games that are collecting rake are casinos here, including your beloved poker rooms, and

I am not saying that all casinos do it (though, I am quite sure there are a few that do), but it is quite feasible, especially in online poker rooms. Basically, cold-decking in this sense would not be favorable to any one player in particular. Rather, it would give a couple of players significantly strong hands, in order to promote aggressive betting (in fact, in online poker, it'd be feasible for the cards to be eliminated to the most statistically-proven aggressive players) in order to build a larger pot. As you all know, a larger pot = a larger rake. (For those that are still not following, a larger rake = more money for the casinos!)

I could go on and on at how people can rip you off at poker ... But then this site would not be about poker, it'd be about card manipulation!


Source by Boris Bender


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