Poker – The Thinking Behind the Game

Latest Casino News 26 May , 2019 0

Basically poker is a game of chance, a game that is hard to win because it does not rely on anything that would be physical, it is all mental. Anything mental is hard to do, because your mind can play tricks on you as well as your opponent. Well but I feel that to play poker you have to be a great thinker, and be able to exceed your opponent because the whole game is about strategy, and being able to apply this strategy in the game as well as a way to fool someone into making a move. I think the whole key to poker is basically having a poker face in which you can try to make the opponent think that you have a winning hand when you actually do not. You have to make them believe in the lie, in which your trying to make them guess wrong instead of guessing right, so you should have the same face with a winning hand as well as with a losing hand.

Also its great to talk to your opponent sometimes because if you make them think twice about something, then they will realize that their making a big mistake and not take a chance at the hand and fold. Also one thing is sometimes it pays to be risky, but know one wants to get too risky and lose the whole hand, because just because you have the biggest pot, does not mean you have the advantage. Well to be the best poker player you can be to make your opponent believe in a lie, and to make them think its the truth.


Source by Gregory Jean


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