Poker Training Videos – Card Killer Review

Poker Training Videos – Card Killer Review

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One of the reasons that Poker is so absorbing is its relation to money. The more that you are willing to lose the money you have, the more willing you are to make huge bluffs and call with weak cards. This fact can make it harder at times to play at the lower stakes games. So what options does a low-stakes player have They need a training site specially geared towards the micros. Enter CardKiller.

The Good Stuff

Card Killer ticks all the basic boxes. There is a good selection of learner beginner videos. If you've never played Texas Hold em before then don't worry; you'll find everything here that you need to get going. The instructors are good teachers, patiently working through beginners' issues. There are even some audio files which is rare for an instructional site, and a nice addition.

But the principal thing we liked about Card Killer was the price tag. It's small stakes prices for small stakes players. There's no sign up fee and the fee is. What that means is you can get access to their entire selection of nearly 200 videos for $10. The videos are good, it'll cost you $10 to see all of them. That's the bottom line. Now, the site is far from perfect - and we will details its shortcomings - but really for $10 it's hard to go wrong.

The Bad Stuff

So, what are the shortcomings? In the first place, the site looks like it was designed circa 1995. Compared to Poker Savvy Plus (which is slick), the site is very amateurish. You can't leave a comment on the videos, you can't leave a rating. The video listing is just one big HTML table.

There's no option to download the videos to your hard drive, and you can't download the audio either. This negates one of the main benefits of having audio: the ability to listen to it when you're on the move.

There's no forum. There is a form you can use to get feedback on a hand history, but this is nowhere near as useful as a full-blown forum. In fact, there's a very little sense of a community at all on the site. You feel as if you're in a bit of a vacuum.


So, Card Killer gives off a sense of being a very amateur site, and it does lose points for this. But, you know what - that's OK, because it's aimed squarely at amateur players. While other sites such as Real Poker Training and Poker Savvy Plus may be able to help you turn online pro, Card Killer exists to get you started and get you dominating the micros. This is its job, and it does it well.

Our rating: 4/5


Source by David Harley


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