Professional Poker Tools – Table Scanners

Professional Poker Tools – Table Scanners

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If everyone played perfect poker, eventually everyone would go broke and the game would be over. In this scenario the house is the only winner. If you are the tenth best poker player in the world you should do pretty well for yourself. But what if the other nine players at your table were ranked one through nine? Now you are the worst player in your particular game. This is where table selection comes into play. You only make money when other players make mistakes. This means that you should seek out and play in games with players that make the most mistakes. But with so many poker rooms online, and so many tables going at any time time how are you provided to find the very best games? The answer is to use a table scanner. So what is a table scanner?

A poker table scanner is a tool used by professional poker players to find the very best games online to maximize their profits. This software usually comes with a monthly fee, but it is well worth it in the increase in profits you will make by playing in only the best games. So how does this software work?

The table scanner will scan all the tables at the limits and game type that you choose at any online card room that you play at and record every player at every table. These players are then called up in your tracking software database and their stats populate the table. These stats are graduated and given a score. The table is then given a score based on the quality of the individual players combined into a single single number. You can then sort the tables from several poker rooms, limits, and games to find the most profitable tables at any given time. Most programs available also allow you to build a buddy list so that you can easily see if anyone on your fishy list is online. It is often hugely profitable to sit at a table for the sole reason to exploit one player that you know to be especially weak.

Most table selection tools give you a free trial period. Use this free trial to find the table scanner that works best for you and fits into your budget. If you're playing $ 0.50 / $ 1 limit hold'em for a few hours a week, it does not make any sense for you to pay $ 50 every month for a piece of software.

If you are not practicing any type of game selection you should currently see a significant increase in your win rate even in a very short period of time.

Professional poker tools is a series of articles. The author is not affiliated with nor does he sell any of the software discussed in any of these articles. Please view the authors other articles to find more information on professional poker tools. It should be noted that the author strongly recommends against using sixth sense table scanners.


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