Proof Poker is Not All About Luck

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Bob Gibson's my answer to all those people out there that believe luck plays a significant role in victories. Gibson had a long enough sports career for even the most ardent believers of luck to notice that he made it without much help from that fickle source. As a result of his skill he ended up being named into the Hall of Fame in 1981, providing irrefutably that luck alone does not count.

In the poker world as well, you'll find many people of the same opinion where luck's concerned. I concede that luck does ensure a win here or there but in the long run, an unbroken streak of luck can, in my opinion, work to the disadvantage of a poker player. I'd ask any poker player with such a lucky streak to refrain from playing. Keep reading to find out why I believe there can be no fear enemy than luck as far as a poker player's concerned.

To start with consider luck and the beginner. It generally contributates towards their wins in one way or another. Usually it does so in the form of a perfect winning hand.

But consider a good poker player and their skills are often good enough to ensure repeated wins. You'll be surprised to find that they've rather not luck interfere with their rational calculations which allow them to predict what the odds are and also to curtail their losses.

Winners at the poker table are often termed "lucky." But often their "luck" is nothing more difficult than adopting an analytic mindset and making use of logic. They make use of tricks such as the raising of bets to indicate to others that they've got a better hand than any of them and thereby scaring them into giving up. That's hard luck.

Yes, luck does account for a minute number of wins even where a skilled player is concerned. However, given a choice, they'd rather rely on their logic and analytical skills. You too can adopt a similar method if you'd like to keep winning at the table. Do not let it all rest on luck which can easily do a volte face.

If you do this and are still losing then do not let that bog you down. Know that your logical skills will soon put you back on track and you'll be winning the pot again and again. Once you learn to play it this way, you'll be able to forever dispense with fickle lady luck.


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