Resurrecting the Champ – Essential Life Lessons

Resurrecting the Champ – Essential Life Lessons

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Resurrecting the Champ was a pleasant surprise for a movie; the acting of Josh Hartnett is exceptional, and Samuel L. Jackson is great as usual. The movie contains such an array of life lessons; what it takes to be a hero to yourself and those you love. It also covers the issue of forgiveness, and how important it is to forgive those who have wronged you. Finally, it teaches that while others may try to deceit/trick you, everyone is just looking out for their own best interests.

Champ (Jackson) is not who we originally thought he was. In fact, he is pretending to be someone else. A boxer named Tommy Kincaid impersonating Bob Satterfield, whom Kincaid believed to be better than him. Instead of trying to imitate Satterfield's positive characteristics, he disregards himself as a person, and pretends to be somebody he's not. In the end of the movie, Kincaid finally learns the meaning of self-acceptance, and becomes proud of his own identity.

Erik Kernan (Hartnett) is a sports/entertainment journalist for a living, and has the privilege of meeting celebrities/athletes on the job. It is revealed that Kernan's main goal is to be a great father to his son. He often bends the truth about athletes that he meets, because he thinks it will make his son love him more. He wants to be the perfect hero, but doesn't realize how unnecessary it is to strive for perfection. To be a hero as a father, you must demonstrate the key ability to give and receive love (think of a sponge). Fortunately, Kernan had this ability, and was a great father because of it.

Did Kincaid have a good reason to lie about his identity? No. Was it the right thing to pretend to be someone else, and risk a friends career because of it? Absolutely not! But Kincaid deserves the forgiveness he received from Kernan, because we all need forgiveness to get back on track. Kernan is undoubtedly angry about all of Kincaid's lies, but still has the state of mind to save their friendship. If others do not forgive us for the wrong we have done, we will be stuck in a very awkward situation (sometimes worse). The key to remember is that we all act out of self interest, and we all make mistakes. Forgiveness may be difficult to give, but is best for all parties in the long term.

Everyone wants the best deal for themselves and those that they love. Kernan wanted a better job for himself, and Kincaid wanted to be a young championship boxer. Kernan took action by finding Kincaid, and hoping to elevate his journalist status through a controversial article. Kincaid just wanted to be praised by others. By giving Kernan false information, he was hoping to increase his social status and reputation. All actions are justifiable by the one taking the initiative. Not all people will understand why some actions are taken (crime, for instance), but the one who took the action will always have justification.

Resurrecting the Champ is a stupendous film, containing many essential life lessons. Some of them are self-acceptance, being a hero to yourself and others, how to forgive, and insight as to why some people take questionable actions. After you have watched the movie, take in all of the insight, and Resurrect the Champ inside of you!


Source by Josh Lipovetsky


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