Rush Poker Strategy – Profitable Tactics For Rush Poker

Rush Poker Strategy – Profitable Tactics For Rush Poker

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Rush Poker is an exciting new game format exclusive to Full Tilt poker. It's been designed to make online poker faster paced and more fun, with loads of action which of course attracts recreational players and gamblers.

So far the game is available only as small stakes (up to $0.50/$1.00) no limit holdem. You can choose to play either 9 seated or 6 seated, and the game plays as normal except for a very important change. Once you're out of a hand (either at showdown, or if you fold) you're "rushed" off to another table and immediately dealt a fresh hand. You don't even have to wait for the action to come to you, you can simply hit the quick fold button, and even if it isn't your turn to cat you'll be reseated and dealt new cards.

This makes for an incredibly fast paced game. No longer will you have to wait 20 minutes for a good hand, if you don't like what you're dealt then fold and see a new hand right away. In fact, most players see an average of 300 hands per hour playing this game, and some players see over500 per hour!

Rush poker strategy differs quite a bit from normal ring games. Because it's so easy to fold you know that most players will be playing only premium hands, so after the flop you'll have a reasonable idea that they hold either 2 high cards, a pocket pair, or Ax. Be careful of the player in the big blind though, if you allow them to enter the hand by limping in you'll have no idea what they hold. Always raise pre-flop if you're going to play a hand, that will stop the big blind seeing the flop for free.

You should also be re-raising a lot. Players in rush poker love to fold with anything other than a premium hand, since they know they'll be dealt another good hand soon, so take advantage of that. Raise, and re-raise often and you'll find you can steal the pot more often than not.

Finally, you'll find that low cards can be your friend. Since most players will only be playing big cards, if you come in with low cards and hit trips on the flop you'll trap them and earn a big pot!

Rush poker strategy will certainly be refined over time as more and more top players study the game and figure out the best tactics, but by following the basic strategy outlined here you should be profitable in most games.


Source by Billy Kernow


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