Starting From Scratch – Texas Hold'em Poker

Starting From Scratch – Texas Hold'em Poker

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Age 55, having spent the best part of my life tutoring kids in mathematics and physics my retirement meant long hours in front of the TV and the occasional strumming of a guitar. But fate had other plans for me. Browsing the internet one day I wondered what it was that fascinated my son so much about poker that he hoped to turn pro someday.

I typed poker in the search engine and my tryst with the online version of the game began. I have played cards in real life and the web page that introduced me to the rules of Texas Hold'em poker did not need much deciphering.

I quickly grasped the concept of Blind Bets, the Deal where each player is dealt 2 cards, the First betting round, The Flop where the first three community cards are dealt for players to attach to the ones they were dealt, the Second betting round, The Turn where the fourth community card is dealt followed by the Third betting round, The River where the final community card is dealt, the Final betting round and the Showdown. Winner is decided by the poker hand rankings which were also explained clearly on the site.

The itch had started; I wanted to play what I had learnt from the web site. So taking sound advice from my son I started playing Texas Hold'em online for free. They say practice makes you perfect, I soon found after losing a dozen odd banks playing free online poker that practice makes you broke.

I have since continued playing free online poker and am slowly improving at it, winning intermittently but with confidence growing that very soon I should be able to make my first deposit and start playing Texas Hold'em online this time with real money wagers and not losing $ 50000 banks of free play money.


Source by Laxmi Narayan Pai


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