Successful Betting on Golf

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Before placing a bet on golf just like any other sport, it is crucial to find out as much about the game and its players first. There are a few pointers that you might just want to be aware of, including knowing the course, remaining patient, allowing yourself the edge, making sense of statistics, reading up on everything you can about the game, checking the weather, studying how holes Play out, be aware of up coming amateurs, and lastly be aware of cup match problems. It might be worthwhile to take a look at these points in a little more depth.

In the first instance, knowing the course. Many courses on most of the current tours are very familiar to everyone, however from time to time a new course will appear. It is best to keep any stakes you may be thinking of making at this time to a minimum when a new course is added to a tour and being played for the first time. This is because all sorts of strange trips on can take place when players are unfamiliar with a layout.

Secondly, remaining patient whilst consideration is given to a particular bet. There may be times when you feel that you can justify a hefty bet on a certain golfer and he promptly goes and misses the cut. This can be very hard to take, but the cruel thing to remember before committing any money is that much about golf is completely incomprehensible. And you should learn to take the bad with the smooth, remembering that a bad patch could last for several tours, but so can the good times.

A third point to consider is to learn how to interpret the statistics. It would be wise to use official statistics wisely and not to put too much emphasis on what they claim. It is not uncommon for example, for putts and chips to be misinterpreted as being different things and going down in the history books as being one thing when really they were the other.

A further point to consider before placing a bet on any game of golf is to ensure you know as much about the game, course being played and player you want to back, as is possible to know. Today there are many sources of information available, from book form to internet sites, and all bursting with information on any aspect of the game you wish to know about.

It may seem silly to mention but checking the weather forecast is a very good point to consider when deciding on placing any money on a game of golf. Tournaments have been known to be reduced to 54 or even 36 holes because of the weather. And many punters have fallen foul of bad weather when the course has been shortened. The weather can also be a factor in how holes play out. A lot of punters use this in a consideration when studying courses. Information is available on many websites about how holes have played in past tournaments, and success or otherwise is often dependent on the weather. A strong wind can make almost any hole unplayable!

A valid point to consider before laying out any money is also that of respecting the amateurs. There are a lot of players out there who are the up and coming champions of the future, and often in big matches they have no trepidation about being paired up with the giants of the game. In fact, in some cases, they positively relish the prospect with an unbounded passion.

A final point worth considering is that of cup match problems. It is not unheard of for captains of teams to order an unfinished game to a close when the match is won, so ensuring that some punters who have laid bets on a certain exit to lose out. It is best to tread lightly on late singles matches.

In conclusion, it can be said that there are golfers you can back with confidence to win tournaments, and there are those who you will learn are only safe to back in match bets or on finishing positions.


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