Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Tips & Tricks

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Tips & Tricks

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Texas Holdem Strategy & Tips

Pocket Cards

Big Pairs.

High pairs from Aces to Tens are a good starting hand, you have the chance to improve on them, and even if the board does not help, you can still win with the highest pair.

Middle pairs.

They have very little strength, and can not usually win without improvement. If it is not expensive, wait to see the flop and what possible drawing possibilities are there. If opponents are betting aggressively fold. Possibilities are straight and flush draws.

High Cards.

Two unsuited high cards should usually be played at least to the flop. The chances are that if you flop a pair you will have the best pair on the table. Suited high cards should be played more often, as a high card flush is now possible.

2 Suited.

If your 2 cards are suited, do not overate them. 9 hearts, with 8 hearts, is open ended and slightly better than 10 hearts with 7 hearts, as the gap reduces your chances of hitting the straight. In a strong pot fold. Ace or King fitted with a small card, should be treated cautiously in the same way as gap straights. Ace with 2,3,4 or 5 is better as the possible low straight still exists.

After The Flop

1. Bet or call most of your drawing hands, ie if you have a four card flush or four card straight. Everyone may fold, or you may hit it.

2. If you do not have a drawing hand after the flop fold.

3. If the flop goes against your high pairs, and shows possible flush or straight, fold, especially if there is heavy betting.

When you hit a flush or straight, be aware of the possibilities of other players having the same hand but higher. If there is heavy betting, it is probable that someone else has hit it as well. Eg if the board shows 6,7,8,9 and you have a 10, you have a good straight but can be beaten by someone holding 10, J. Similarly if you hit a Q high flush, there may be Ace high and K high still in play.


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