Texas Hold'Em Poker Terms and Strategies

Texas Hold'Em Poker Terms and Strategies

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Texas Hold'Em Poker is a 52-card deck game which has a huge following as a casino game. The popularity of this game comes from its fast moving nature where you just need to bet on the cards. You are to play with two individual cards and five community cards combined to make a winning hand of five. Though it is a game of luck some amount of knowledge to understand when to play and when to resign will take you a long way and help you to cut losses.

The terms used in Hold'Em Poker are

o Pocket cards: Two cards that are dealt to you.
o Community cards: Face up cards on the table for all the players.
o Flop: first three face up community cards.
o Turn: fourth face up card on the table
o River: last community card.
o Dealer button: A button placed in front of the dealer.
o Small blind: Compulsory bet by the person next to the dealer amounting to half of the minimum bet.
o Big blind: Compulsory bet by the next person to the small blind amounting to minimum amount.
o Call: Betting same as another player.
o Raise: Raising the betting amount.
o Fold: Resigning your hand before the game is over.
o Show down: When all the active players declare their hands.

Once you are familiar with the terms, it won't harm to know how to hold on to your money by playing intelligently. Getting a winning hand depends on luck but losing a large amount remains in your hand. The trick is to know when to bet and when to fold.

According to Texas Hold'Em poker, high cards are 10 and the picture cards and anything lower than 6 are low cards.

Best cards in pocket: High pairs (eg, Two Jacks), two picture cards / ace (eg, King, Queen / Ace, Jack) of the same suit.

Best game: Try to make Four of the same rank with your pairs from the community cards or a straight flush to win the game. Bet big so that players with weak hands fold.

Medium hands are medium pairs (6 to 9), ace and a picture card of different suit or ace and medium card of same suit or two consecutive cards of the same suit. You can bet till Turn with such cards. If you can make high cards by Turn continue. If not, then fold.

With low pairs, it is better to fold after Flop.

Apart from any of these hands it is not worth wasting money on bets and better to fold before Flop. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to other player's attitude. This will help you to decide what to do with your hand if you are confused.


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