The Best Pick 3 Playing Strategy Secrets Exposed!

The Best Pick 3 Playing Strategy Secrets Exposed!

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Having the right set of numbers is always a dream... and that is a dream shared by every Tom, Dick and Harry who thinks that he has a foolproof Pick 3 playing strategy. Unfortunately, those dream combos do not come often, if at all. Even if they do, you still have to know when and how often to play them in order to win a shot at the jackpot. You also need to know when to bet high, and when not to bet at all. And you need to learn when to walk away with your winnings intact. Although there really is no foolproof Pick 3 playing strategy, (despite what Tom, Dick and Harry thinks,) there are reasonable tips or playing strategies that can help increase your chances when you play the game.

Pick 3 playing strategy #1. Pick your own combination and pick wisely.

Naturally, numbers play a crucial role in lotto... but here's the thing. People often do not consider numbers important enough to consider a thorough think through. Surprising, eh... but it's true. Most people choose numbers that they have attached special importance to (like choosing 331 because there are 3 kids, 3 grandkids and 1 dog in the family.) Others choose numbers because it seems to have some "mystic" significance (like choosing 777 because this is a number that appears a lot in the Bible.) The worst case scenario is when people do not pick their own numbers and opt for a computer generated combo.

When playing Pick 3, the combos that usually win are the single digit or non-repeating numbers. Doubles (like 331) and triples (like 777) have as much chance of winning the lotto as a puppy winning the triathlon. It can be done of course, but the question is: in whose lifetime? Single digits have better chances of winning, so stick to those. And try not to patronize quick picks. Very often, these will never turn up a combination that is worthy of the money you invested in it.

Pick 3 playing strategy #2. Pick your battles, so to speak.

Ah, the jackpot has remained untouched for the longest time, and that the amount is impressive enough to encourage every Tom, Dick and Harry to queue in front of the local convenience store. You decide not to incite the crowds by staying home. Good choice. If the lines are relatively long for a particular draw, then skip it. Although this may sound totally ridiculous, you have to remember that all lotto games gain most of its wins from other players. So naturally, the more players there are to one game, the higher the jackpot. That also means that you are competing with all these players, who (with all likelihood have several combinations they are betting on.)

All these factors combined means that you have very low to zero percent of winning the jackpot. As your second Pick 3 playing strategy, opt for smaller gains instead; you have more chances of winning that. I mean, so what if you pass off the $500 jackpot one draw, when you consistently win $100 to $200 on every other game anyway?


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