The Biggest Legend of the Roulette Table – Joseph Jagger

The Biggest Legend of the Roulette Table – Joseph Jagger

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In the world of gambling there are many legends for all the different gambling games throughout history such as the great poker players of the wild west all throughout the great world series of poker champions today like Johnny Chang, Phil Hellmuth and Joe Hachem, but one gambling game that has recently been overlooked so far as its great history has been Roulette.

Most people don't ever think of Roulette as anything more then just a pure luck game. How can anyone predict which number the roulette ball will stop on? There are way too many variables there and how do you develop a mathematical formula to do this on a consistent basis plus the land based casinos and online casinos have made it almost bullet proof to crack, but once upon a time in the late 19th century there was a roulette legend who broke the bank and he was one for the history books and his name was Joseph Jagger.

Joseph Jagger earned the world famous reputation of being one of a few elite group of gamblers who literally broke the bank at Monet Carlo. Now how for Pete's sake can anyone develop a method for almost always beating the roulette wheel? For one. Joseph Jagger was an English Mechanical Engineer who decided he would go for the gusto and put his Knowledge to use on the roulette wheel. He started this legendary journey by getting together a group of 6 men and their job would be to record the outcome of 6 wheels at a famous Monte Carlo casino. Jagger was using his keen analytical mind to try to find just a tiny bias in the roulette wheels. Its took him a few years but finally after sifting through mountains of data he found what he was looking for.

He and his team noticed that the wheels would land on 9 numbers more often then the other numbers for some odd reason. That reason didn't matter to jagger as long as it consistently did this. In just 3 days of roulette playing Jagger rocked the house and took home a staggering 60,000 English pounds which in today's standards came out to 3 million bucks. This was one legend whose story is still passed down from generation to generation of gambling families and roulette enthusiasts.


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