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The French EuroMillion is the EuroMillion branch in France. This game is played by most of the European nation population. But the French EuroMillion is only valid in the country where the player bought it: France. French EuroMillion is also governed and handled by Franciase de Jeux in France. It was also launched by the semi-public company on February 4 2004. Its first draw was on February 13 of the same year it was launched and was then participated with just 3 countries: France, Spain and the UK. Then later the same year, the countries Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal and Switzerland participated on the game.

The game is a bit confusing to the new players of the game. This is because the lottery is a bit different from the typical lotteries that are being played in every country of the world. They change the game play in order to provide a more exciting game with more ways of winning. With this lottery, the player is set to choose 5 numbers from 1-50 then the player is also to choose 2 lucky numbered star from 1-9. If the player got the same numbers with the drawn numbers, he is set to win the jackpot prize of 15 million Euros. The player can also win not just the jackpot prize, but the game is also set with a lot of different tiers that a player can win with. That means there is a higher probability rate of winning with French EuroMillion. The player can win the 1st tier by having the same 5 and the same 1 numbered lucky star with the numbers and numbered luck star drawn. The 2nd tier can win by having the same 5 main numbers with the numbers drawn. With the 3rd tier, when the player got 4 and 2 numbered lucky stars. The 4th tier by having them and 1 numbered lucky star, the 5th tier by having 4 main numbers, the 6th tier by having 3 main numbers and 2 numbered lucky star, the 7th tier by having the 3 main numbers and 2 numbered lucky star, the 8th tier by having 2 and 2 numbered lucky star, the 9th tier by having 3 the 10th tier by having the 1 main number and 2 numbered lucky star, and the last tier by having 2 and 1 numbered lucky star.

The jackpot prize and the tier prizes are also growing rapidly. This is possible when there are no winners for the jackpot prize drawn. The jackpot prize will then be added to the next draw of the game. That will mean a lot of money for the winner. This summary of jackpot prizes is limited to 20 times only. After the 20th summation, the jackpot prize will then be divided to the 11 tiers of the game. That will only mean that you can win millions even if you did not get jackpot prize. Is not this amazing? So let's now join French EuroMillions every day.


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