The Holy Grail of Poker Tips – This Will Save You Lots of Money

The Holy Grail of Poker Tips – This Will Save You Lots of Money

Latest Casino News 11 May , 2019 0

Ever since I first started playing poker, I was looking for that perfect strategy to give me an edge over other players. Learning this one super simple trick can increase your rake by 25% or more. The trick is maximize earnings while still decreasing risk. Of course in poker, more risk means more reward. So this task and be quite a paradox at times. My strategy is as much of a different playing technique as much as just a different way of thinking about the game as a whole. If you stand back and look at the whole picture, you can get a much better idea of ​​what is going on.

Long ago I changed my approach at poker and I noticed my wins steadily growing afterwards. Simply by changing my thought patterns, I was able to do this. Basically, I started thinking of each poker as a stock exchange market. When you invest in the market, there is obviously some risk involved, much like poker. After I started thinking about poker this way, I was asking myself new questions during poker games. Like, if this was a company, would I invest in it? It may sound absurd, but it absolutely has worked for me.

Next time you're sitting at a poker table, try to approach it like the stock market. Invest in hands that have good potential. Sell ​​your stocks before the company goes belly up. If you think the company has very good potential, then invest more in it. Just try it once in a while and you may find yourself winning more hands.


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