The Law of Attraction – Poker Style

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Let's take a different look at an approach to the game of poker. Many people are familiar with the book titled "The Secret", it was based on a theory from Abraham Hicks, which he called "Law of Attraction". Basically, this states that if you think positive, then positive things will happen. If you have a negative outlook, bad things will happen. Like joins like. This theory can get a little out of control. Some state if you constantly think about money, thousands of people will come in the mail one day. I personally look at it like this: We should not be thinking about things we want; it should be more about feeling good and maintaining a positive outlook.

As it is related to poker, what sounds or feels good may not actually be the best way to make decisions while playing poker. If someone has that "good feeling", they tend to take chances outside of playing the appropriate odds, or they might play outside their bankroll. It begins to distort thinking and can develop into bad habits.

Obviously, feeling good plays a great roll in confidence. When you play with a sense of self-assurance you are going to approach the game differently. Your energy level, and focus is at a whole different level. If you play within your bankroll it is much easier to take out the emotions involved in the game. When you combine emotions with poker it becomes -EV on the other hand if you can exploit your opponents emotions that becomes + EV.

Most online players that play will either lose or simply break even in the long run. Attitude is one aspect of the game that keeps players on a negative downswing. If you start a session with a negative attitude it will effect your game and decisions. In all honesty, this is has the same effects on normal life. If you approach people with a negative attitude you will be treated differently. You must always try to keep your head up and your confidence strong.

This is why many of us have found a love for the game of poker. It is really is not always about the money, it can be more about the dopamine that is released into your brain when you win a game, or a big hand. The key to successful poker is to understand the basics of the game, maintain a positive attitude, and exude confidence. Start each session as a new beginning. Do not focus on bad beats or losses. It will only manifest into a long downswing and a negative outlook on the game.

Remove those negative thoughts for good, and increase your poker success.


Source by Scott Raether


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