The Million Dollar Tip That Will Help You Lose Weight at Home Effortlessly

The Million Dollar Tip That Will Help You Lose Weight at Home Effortlessly

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Before I give you the "million dollar concept," I want you to know that you have already experienced it without even knowing about it. And this is the very reason why it works so well. It required no effort on your part to do what the businesses wanted you to do. Stealthy, huh?

If Vegas Spends Millions On This, You Know It Works!

Ever walk into a casino and notice there are no windows? No clocks? Ever notice the placement of slot machines? The color of the carpet?

They all did not just happen by chance. Each specific design was carefully researched to get a particular desired effect. The absence of windows and clocks are in the design to make it easier for you to be oblivious of time. If you do not know the sun went down and that it's time for dinner, then it's easier for you to stay in the casino and gamble a little longer.

How about the placement of slot machines? Ever noticed how conveniently placed they are when waiting for someone? How easy is it to just drop a dollar in that conveniently placed slot machine?

I think you already know the concept I'm referring to. Yes, it is to create an environment that makes your weight loss goal as effortless as possible. Now you do not have to completely redesign your house to get this effect. One very effective thing you can do is keep healthy foods at home and junk foods at the grocery store. And this does not mean you can not eat junk food ever. It just means you have to put in the effort to get it. And this works like a charm!

Now I'm pretty good when it comes to working out religiously, but even I succumb to the "laziness power." For example, given the option to go to the grocery store to whip up a healthy and tasty meal or just eat what I have in the cupboard, even though it's not very healthy, I will just eat the unhealthy meal just because it is conveniently " there. "

I have witnessed this "laziness power" in almost everyone I've known, young and old. So, chances are, you've got it. But, that's a good thing if you know how to exploit it. Like I said, if Las Vegas spends millions of dollars designing a casino environment (to get you to do what they want to do - spend money effortlessly), I will put money down that this one "environment alteration tip" will drop your weight effortlessly.

Do not depend on will power because if you are reading this, you know it does not work. In fact, my research indicates that you only have a limited amount of will power in reserve and once it is used up, you're "history."

Implement this one concept and you do not have to try and lose weight, it will "just happen." Do not implement this, then you'll have to depend on will power to lose weight, and, well, you already know how much power has worked for you.

To start making this transition of keeping healthy foods in the house and junk food in the stores, just shop for healthy foods from this point forward (going on a full stomach helps a lot) and use up all the junk food you have in your house (or give them away). Occasionally you will have rotated all the good foods in and all the junk foods out.

Like I said, this does not mean you can not eat junk food at home. It just means if you're craving it really badly, you'll have to put in the effort to go get it.

So, do as multi-billion dollar industries do when they want to get certain results. Make systematic changes, specifically design changes, to make success easier.

To see how well this works, weigh yourself before the "design" change and then weigh yourself a couple of months after the design change. This will give you a quantifiable way of measuring the results. Now this is just a quick and easy way to analyze the results of this strategy because while it's true that your overall weight has dropped, that does not mean that all of that is body fat. However, because you will be putting more healthy foods in your body, you should be getting pretty good results. For someone who just wants to shed some pounds, this is an excellent and effective way to lose weight effortlessly.


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