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In Texas Hold'em poker can take part up to 10 players plus a virtual dealer. In front of one of the players a dealer's button is placed. This player then becomes a dealer. Each round the dealer's button is moved to the next player clockwise. This way everyone at the table will become a dealer in some time. Dealer's button shows that the player left to the dealer will play first.

Blinds - In the beginning the two players left to the dealer are to bet before cards are dealt. Blind bets give guarantee that the player with best combination of cards will get the money in case all of the players fold. The player right to the left of the dealer.

Is to post the Small Blind which should be half of the minimum opening bet. The player next to him is to post the Big Blind which should be equal to the minimum opening bet.

Pocket cards - After the blinds, cards are deadly and each player gets two face down cards.

Fist betting round - Betting begins the first player sitting right to the left of the big blinder and continues clockwise. Each player has the right to fold, call or raise.

Flop - Three community cards are deal face face up in the middle of the table. They can be used by all players in order to make combinations. These cards are the so called flop.

Second betting round - After the flop follows the second betting round. The operations are just the same as in the first betting round.

Turn - After the second betting round, the fourth card face up is dilet in the middle of the table. This card is called the Turn.

Third betting round - this round is the same as previous ones with one difference. You can raise only an amount equal to the maximum bet.

River - The last, the fifth community card face up is dilet in the middle of the table. This card is called the River.

Fourth betting round - is exactly the same as the third one.

Showdown - After the last betting round, the best combination of cards is to be determined. In order to make the best combination, players are allowed to use the community cards as well. The player with the best combination wins the pot. If some players have the same combinations, they split the pot.

After finishing this round, the dealer's button goes to the next player and the new round begins.

The players in Texas Hold'em have right to fold cards, to check, call, bet, raise and re-raise. In case three re-raises being made, next community card is to be treated or the winner should be selected. If a player bets all his chips at the table, this is called all-in bet.


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