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It would appear that the dream of a chocolate that is truly potent with health enhancing properties, has finally been realized, and is set to arrive in the UK shortly. It has been scientifically tested and verified by a variety of highly qualified bodies, to be genuine in all its claims. The company behind this revolutionary product, have patented a system of cold extraction of the cocoa solids and fats (cocoa and cocoa butter) from the cacao bean (chocolate's main ingredient).

This ingenious breakthrough allows the naturally high content of antioxidants to remain intact through the entire manufacturing process. Antioxidants serve to protect the body's cells from damage and slow down the aging process. Scientific research suggest a proportional link between the amount of antioxidants present and the length of the body's natural life. The traditional method of chocolate making requires heat and heat is the main destroyer of naturally occurring nutrients in vegetation. The powerful punch of the unadulterated cacao is further enhanced by the addition of the acai berry.

Found in the South American rainforest, this super food also boasts ultra high antioxidant levels. Combined, this impressive partnership delivers a force of antioxidants that until now, has never been seen in any product of its kind. These unpreceded antioxidant levels have been certified by Brunswick labs after confirming the ORAC score (oxygen radical absorption capacity) of the final product. Often, ORAC scores for products, are given, based on measurements taken at the beginning of, or during the manufacturing process and not at the end, by which time, much of the antioxidant content can be lost. The chocolate is also said to be rich in epecatechins, Scientists believe epecatechins are the future force in combating four out of the five major diseases: stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes.

As if the prior was not enough, It seems they have not compromised on standard as far as the remaining ingredients are concerned. The turbo charged chocolate, does not contain any waxy fillers, as is often found in regular chocolate products, there are no refined sugars present, no negative fats, no caffeine, it's non dairy and gluten free.

And the claims go on: It's low in cholesterol, low glycemic, diabetic friendly, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is also Kosher certified, and probably most importantly to chocolate lovers, is heralded as tasting absolutely delicious.

This seemingly formidable, super chocolate has been haled 'Impressive' by a commissioned medical advisory board and further validated by The Clinical University of Utah.

The Nevada based, family owned, company is just 3 years old, but in that time they have used business and marketing expertise to develop a solid, debt-free business and a network marketing system that saw company growth of 300% in 2007. The company saw sales of 55 million last year and expect to reach 100 million this year. Their president says their target is to reach a billion in the not to distant future. This trend-setting product looks to have great marketability and its proven track record suggests it is set to take the UK market by storm.

The fact that it will not be available in any shops, and will be sold exclusively through networks, presents a good marketing opportunity for home business seekers and seasoned marketers alike. The timing is strangely fortunate, as chocolate is known to sit comfortably in the exclusive group of "Recession Proof" industries; in fact chocolate sales have been shown to be up in such times. Note; the company's sales were up by 40% in 2008.

With more innovative healthy-chocolate product lines set for future release, it is believed that individuals / marketers involving themselves with the product at this early stage, could stand to reap substantive rewards.

It looks like this company is single-handedly putting healthy chocolate well and really on the map.


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