The Simple Secret to Winning at Online Poker

The Simple Secret to Winning at Online Poker

Latest Casino News 19 Mar , 2019 0

Here is something that you probably already know, but you have not acted on:

The simple secret to winning at online poker is to play where the players are the weakest!

Fact # 1: The Top Tier Poker Sites Attract the Toughest Players.

My guess is that you play at Full Tilt and / or Poker Stars because you are lured by the constant action, variety of games, and big prize pools. Guess what? So are the best poker players in the world!

I believe you should play at one or both of these sites and take a shot at a big payday. That is fun.

But do you really need to spend all those hours trying to beat the best?

Fact # 2: A Second Tier Poker Site Increases Your Chance to Win. Try Bodog!

I know that Bodog does not see itself as second tier. But it is when it comes to the number of players and the size of the prize pool. Less action, smaller prizes and few top players at Bodog.

You will not run into Cunnigham, Ivey, or Negreanu at Bodog. But you will run into Donk, Fish and Tuccus.

I play at Bodog and it's the only site where I have won thousands of dollars.

Think of Bodog as a friendlier place to play not because you will not experience bad beats (heck Bodog can stand up to Poker Stars and Full Tilt any day of the week on freaking bad beats), but because the games are softer. That's a good thing for you ... and me.

Fact # 3: My Secret to Winning at Online Poker is Bodog.

The simple secret to winning at online poker is to play against the winner players at Bodog. Therefore, I recommend that you:

1. Sign up at Poker Stars and / or Full Tilt. Play the satellites to win a seat at a bigger game, and give yourself a chance for a big score.

2. Sign up at Bodog. Go for those decent sized, easier cash wins.

You know in your heart and mind that this is all true. Do not let your ego stand in the way of playing at this site (as it does mine.)

Try Bodog. You lost against the best. Now win against the rest.


Source by Mitchell Cogert


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