Tips for Having the Best Poker Party in Your Home

Tips for Having the Best Poker Party in Your Home

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Poker is one of the most popular games in the world right now. People are watching poker games on TV channels that are devoted to the game. If you were to walk into a bookstore, you would have many books on the best strategies for poker. A lot of people are playing it and that is why it would make a good game for a party.

Poker brings people together and they can enjoy themselves playing the game. Well, if they are winning, that is. If they are not winning, they can still have a good time, but it will just be a very expensive night.

If you have never had a poker party and think that it might be something you are interested in then read ahead for some ideas to make sure that you will have a great time.

1. Which Game? - As you may be aware, there are many versions of poker games. Some are more popular than others. If you have seen a game on the TV then you will have been watching Texas Hold'em. This is where each player has two cards, which are secret, and then they have to match their cards with the 5 cards on the table, to make the best hand. This would be the best game for a party because it is a lot easier for people to learn how to play and they go along. Furthermore, there is a better structure in the betting for people to follow.

2. Table - Poker can be played on any flat table. You could even play on your dining room table if you wanted. If you wanted to go the extra mile at your party, you could buy a poker table. A full table will be a lot of money, but if you do not have much, you can buy a table topper made specifically for Texas Hold'em. It will have space for drinks, snacks, your cards and the table cards. The topper should be made of felt and will just rest on the top of the dining room table. You have to buy one that is the right shape because some tabletop are hexagonal.

3. Food and drink - Obviously there will be alcohol flowing at a party, but if you want to theme the drinks you could make cocktails and name them after hands, or you could find drinks from popular poker movies, like Maverick. For the food, it is suggested that you have finger food and snacks. Anything else is too heavy and will mean that you have to have a break in the game. With finger foods and snacks, people can be eating as they play, just make sure that there are napkins on the table so the cards are not marked with food. If the cards get marked, you will be able to tell which card they are and that is cheating. So, watch the people who try to put ketchup on the edge of certain cards.

4. Cards - You do not have to have a special deck of cards or anything like that, but if you want the game to be memorable, you could design your own pack of cards. They will be completely custom made, so make sure that you order them so that they can be delivered in time for the game. This will be a brilliant edition to the night and you could use them whenever you have another party, and you will because the game is a lot of fun.


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