Understanding Texas Holdem Poker Rules

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You have heard of Texas holdem poker rules, but you never quite understand them. Understanding the rules of the game is essential, particularly if you are looking to win. The game of Texas holdem poker is so popular these days that it can be found all over the internet, in casinos, and even on television. Texas holdem poker rules are not hard to learn, the real difficulty comes with strategy and developing skills to become a winner.

Before you can really understand Texas holdem poker rules, you have to understand the basics of poker. While you may have more than 5 cards, your best hand can only be comprised of five cards total. To win, these five cards must total one of the following winning poker hands:

o One Pair - one pair of the same number or face cards

o Two Pair - two pairs of the same number or face cards

o Three of A Kind - Three of the same number or face cards

o Straight - Consecutive cards (ie 2,3,4,5,6) of any suit

o Flush - Five non consecutive cards of the same suit

o Full House - Comprised of one pair and a three of a kind of any number or face cards

o Straight Flush - Consecutive cards of the same suit (Number cards 9 and under)

o Royal Flush - Consecutive cards of the same suit (10, J, Q, K, A)

One pair is the lowest winning poker hand and royal flush is the highest weighing all combinations before it.

Texas Holdem Poker Rules

A button is used to signify the dealer and plays moves to the dealers left in a clockwise method of play. The number of players depend on the table, but can range from 4 to 10 or more, with 10 being the average. With each new hand, the dealer will change one spot on the left of the current dealer.

The deal starts with each player receiving two face down cards. No one else sees these cards and are the private cards of that particular player. After this deal, there will be a betting round. After this betting round, the dealer will then deal out three more cards. These cards will be face up and placed in the tables middle. These are called the flop and are shared cards, community cards, for every player that is playing. These can be used to make up a winning poker hand.

Another betting round will take place and now the dealer will deal another card, which is called The Turn, this fourth card is placed among the community cards as well and can be used to make a winning poker hand. After betting again, the river, which is the fifth and final card to be eliminated, is placed amongst the community cards. The player who can make the best five card hand out of the seven total cards wins.

Blinds are important to Texas holdem poker rules. Big and small blinds are placed before the first two cards are eliminated and always made by the first two players on the dealers left. A small blind is half of the table's minimum bet. A big blind is the exact same as the minimum bet at the table.


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