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Stefan Salvatore Profile


Stefan is a tall and lean, handsome man. He has short, brown hair with green eyes. He is often serious and sad, but can have an engaging smile. His right shoulder has a tattoo of a rose.

Character History: Season 1:


At first, Stefan is somber and a little distant towards a lot of people, but it often polite. Most of the time he has the ability to control his emotions. Although his brother, Damon, can stir up anger easily. Elena Gilbert, on the other hand, seems to bring out the passionate side in him.

After being tortured by the tomb vampires in 'Let the Right One In', he becomes very weak. Elena feeds him her blood, but this causes his predator side to come out, a side he hasn't revealed in over a century. Damon and Elena try to help him return to animal blood and eventually it works, returning him to his usual self.


Stefan was first born in 1847 in Mystic Falls, Virginia. It appears that Stefan hasn't visited the town since 1953.


  • Can jump to and from the roofs of buildings.
  • Can control memories with his mind, but his powers aren't too strong.
  • Has sensitive hearing and can hear things a normal human can't.
  • It is suggested he can float or fly.
  • Has the ability to move quickly, faster than a human.


His brother is Damon Salvatore. He has some ties to Zach Salvatore who is likely a descendent. Stefan mentions that the Salvatore's come from Italian lineage. Their family was one of the original settlers in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Character Relationships:

Elena Gilbert:

Elena is a nearly identical picture of his old love Katherine. Stefan came back to Mystic Falls after he learned about Elena so he could get to know her. In the episode 'Bloodlines', he finally admits his love for her. He reveals that she was adopted and says she isn't like Katherine. He tells her that he is the one who saved her from the car crash in which her parents died.

Damon Salvatore:

The relationship between the two brothers is very complicated. It has been implied that the two brothers got along well in the past, but seems that something came between them. This is likely Katherine. Stefan seems to dislike his brother and Damon has promised to cause his brother an 'eternity of misery'. Damon also tries to bring out the darker side in Stefan, in order to get his original brother back.

After Stefan becomes a vampire in the episode 'Blood Brothers', he brings a young woman to his weak brother and tells him to drink from her if he wants to survive. Damon initially refuses, but then gives in and completes his transformation. Damon later says he wished he had died instead because he wanted to have Katherine for himself. Despite the bad blood between the two brothers, they likely still love one another.

Katherine Pierce:

Stefan's family first took in Katherine in 1864 as a war orphan from Atlanta. Stefan quickly became enamored with Katherine because she was beautiful and festive. Stefan takes her to the Founder's Day Celebration. They start to have a sexual relationship. At first, Stephan doesn't realize that Katherine is a secret vampire who is also having a sexual relationship with his brother Damon. Katherine uses mind compulsion in order to keep Stefan acting normally. Stefan thinks his father will support his relationship with Katherine and tries to convince him to spare Katherine's life when the citizens of the town capture and burn all the vampires. Although Stefan never specifically mentions Katherine by her name. However, Stefan's father correctly assumes he is talking about her and spikes Stefan's drink with Vervain in order to protect him.

Later, Stefan and Katherine are having sexual intercourse and afterwards Katherine is poison by drinking his Vervain-filled blood. A weakened Katherine is captured by Stefan's father and Damon blames Stefan. Stefan also feels guilty about allowing her capture. After many years of reflection, Stefan tells Damon that he never really loved Katherine and that it was just her mind compelling him to believe he did. Stefan holds onto a photograph from Katherine that was taken in 1864, which leads to some problems when Elena discovers it. Paul Wesley had this to say about the relationship between Katherine and Stefan:

"He realizes after meeting Elena that he never loved Katherine... It's kind of like being in a relationship, you think you're completely in love, you're infatuated, and then you meet another person and you go, 'Oh my God, what was I thinking?' And it's kind of like that but a little different because that person also gave me eternal life. His obsession with Katherine was something that was finally broken by this human. And not for a 160 years, no one could break this obsession. And that's why he would die and breathe for Elena for the rest of his life. For the rest of her life, I should say."

Matt Donovan:

At first, Matt is very distrustful of Stefan, likely because Elena is very interested in him. However, Matt is enough of a gentleman to introduce himself to Stefan rather than simply ignoring him. However, after the attack on Vicki, Matt automatically suspects Stefan. Matt is still suspicious about Stefan when he follows him to the hospital where he visits Vicki and is upset when Stefan vanishes suddenly.

Matt also appears to look for Stefan first when Vicki disappears and is open suspicious of him. However, upon learning that Stefan helped Vicki return safely he is openly grateful. Matt admits to Elena that Stefan may be a good guy and regains enough trust in Stefan to follow his orders when it comes to helping Vicki in her transformation into a vampire. In the episode, 'There Goes the Neighborhood', Matt tells Stefan that he is happy Elena is having a good time with him.

Vicki Donovan:

Stefan takes it as a personal mission to try and teach Vicki to live on animal blood so she doesn't have to feed on humans. Stefan is very sympathetic and patient with her, but when she continues to ignore his advice and give in to her passions, which causes many people to be placed in harm's way his patience starts to wear thin. In the end, Stefan is forced to stake Vicki in order to save the lives of Jeremy and Elena.


Lexi is another vampire that is 350 years old and is one of Stefan's oldest friends. Stefan is known to be very close to her since he is able to joke and relax around her more than others.

Random Facts:

  • The name was originally Stefan Whitmore in the Pilot, but then the name Salvatore was approved at the last minute.
  • The role of Stefan was the last to be cast, just ten days before the first day of filming for the Pilot.
  • Paul Wesley was originally trying to get the role of Damon.
  • Stefan is the new wide receiver for the high school football team and wears jersey number 17. It appears that Stefan learned football from Damon.
  • Stefan was present at the first ever Mystic Falls founder's party.
  • Damon says that Stefan was enrolled at Harvard in the 70s.
  • Stefan says his favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925.
  • Stefan says his favorite movie is Taxi Driver directed by Martin Scorsese in 1976.
  • Stefan considers himself to be a good cook, especially when it comes to Italian food.

Paul Wesley's Thoughts on Stefan:

In an interview with MTV News, Wesley had this to say about his character Stefan: "Stefan's really tempted by human blood. He's so tempted. He's not perfect... He's still flawed. Stefan is fully aware of hurting others and harm, and so for him he's, like, always unhappy... It's almost like someone who's dependent on some sort of drug and then being in rehab, and you're never the same."


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