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There are a lot of issues to consider when playing virtual poker - and some of these are similar to playing at a standard casino. One of the most important considerations with virtual poker is table selection. Every poker player dreams of finding someone who does not quite know what he's doing and keeps betting big money.

This is true for both land-based and virtual poker. There are a lot more people playing online poker at a given time than you'll find in a Las Vegas casino. After all, a standard casino can only hold so many people, while cyberspace is unlimited. A great number of players - many of them beginners - are coming to play virtual poker.

You have to learn to read players in order to have a good chance of winning virtual poker. Some players come and play a few hands and then duck out. Good table selection means finding a good online poker room with players who are going to stick around for the long haul - players you think you can beat.

Another key to winning virtual poker is how you fare over the long haul. If you lose your first few hands, do not worry. So long as you win the majority of your games, you'll be OK. With virtual poker you need to be patient. Impatience can lead to excessive betting that can put you in a hole. Patience, reading your opponents, selecting a good room, and measured betting are all keys to successful virtual poker.


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