What Happened to Jin Tha MC?

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I have spent thoughtful time following Jin Tha MC's short rise and fall from fame. I was just wondering why this guy did not become famous. He entered the world through the BET, the most watched hip hop show in North America. He held everyone's attention for weeks on end and destroyed his competition in rap battles. Why did his album flop worse than William Hung's record? Was it due to the fact that he was Asian and people do not associate rap with Chinese people? Before Kanye West became famous, I thought he was a product of stereotypes. But Kanye broke through being very different from the stereotypical gangster rapper. Maybe Jin simply did not market himself well enough. Maybe he simply could not put decent choruses together for the general public.

Jin may not have a place in mainstream music, but he could still capitalize on his previous success. I think he would be better off mimicking the AND 1 mixtape for basketball. He may not be the best formula song writer, but he still has so much raw talent. I think people would definitely buy a cd of him battling MC's all over the world. Battling is the thing that made him famous in the first place. Kanye probably can not battle, but he can definitely write a good hook. Jin Tha MC should play to his strengths and destroy MC's all across the nation. Create a rap battle mc mixtape and take a bus around the country looking for the best rappers.


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