What You Need to Know About Windsurfing

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Windsurfing is an exciting and challenging water sport, described as being something between surfing and sailing. This article addresses everything you need to know about windsurfing if you're new to the windsurfing world. Did you know, some of the best windsurving in the world is in Oregon along the Hood River?

What You Need to Know About Windsurfing

1. What is windsurfing?

According to http://www.wikipedia.org , WINDSURFING, also known as boardsailing, is a sport involving traveling over water on a small 2-4.7 meter board powered by wind acting on a single sail that is connected to the board via a flexible joint. The sport is a hybrid between sailing and surfing. The sail board might be considered the most minimalist version of the modern sailboat, with the major exception that steering is accomplished by tilting the mast and sail rather than with a rudder.

2. Who can do windsurfing?

Almost anyone can windsurf! Man, woman, boy, girl. As long as you know how to swim, you are not afraid of the ocean, and you do not mind some falls and climbing back on the board over and over - then you're a candidate for windsurfing!

3. What gear do I need to windsurf?

You do not need too much gear to start windsurfing. Of course, you'll need a board. The board looks like a big surfboard with an attached "rig". The rig can be considered the windsurfing board's "engine". It consist of a sail, mast, boom, and extension and universal. The boom is the part you will hold on to when you are on the board.

When you are shopping around for your board and sail you'll want to remember a couple of things. Choose a smaller board and sail if: you do not weight very much, you have windsurfed before and do not consider yourself a beginner, or if you will be windsurfing in an area with strong winds. Choose a larger board and sail if: you have a heavier body weight, you are a beginner, or if you are windsurfing in an area with light winds.

If you are windsurfing off the coast of Oregon, another item you may want to invest in is a wet suit. The waters can get heavy cold out there!

A few other things you need to bring along are a swimsuit and towel. If you have your own equipment, you will probably need some sort of toting device for the top of your car. These are available on-line or at a windsurfing / sports store.

4. How much can I expect to spend on windsurfing gear?

Depending on the type of board and sail you buy, you can start out at around $ 900, or less if you buy them used, and can go upwards of $ 3000 if you purchase high end equipment.


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