Which is Easier, Making Money With a Good Horseracing System Or a Good Poker System

Which is Easier, Making Money With a Good Horseracing System Or a Good Poker System

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As times get hard in the United States due to the soaring fuel prices, many people are thinking of ways of supplementing their incomes with a horseracing system or a good poker system. It is a nice fantasy, but frankly, having worked at both to make my daily bread, I can tell you that gambling is not easy and there may be better ways to supplement your income. That being said, there will always be some people who find a way to make money with a horse racing system or by playing poker. The title of this article is also a trick question, because neither method is easy, but either one may be possible.

Let's take a look at the reality of horse racing systems and poker systems. First of all, there are as many systems out there as you can count. Many of them make outlandish claims while some of them tell it like it is. I think there are more horse racing systems because it is a sport and betting opportunity that lends itself to a systematic approach much more so than poker.

On the other hand there are a multitude of handicapping systems that horseplayers may find beneficial, though any one that promises mechanical or automatic picks will probably disappoint. A good horse racing system should help you to find new ways to use the tools you develop as you become a winning handicapper, but no matter what system you use, it is still up to you to develop good judgment and handicapping skills. That being said, if you are looking to make money I advise you to go with a horseracing system, but that is only if you are not a good poker player or enjoy poker more.

Poker is a skill based game that requires experience and on the spot calculations during the action while you can not very well place a bet on a horse race after the action starts. You obviously also can not bluff in horse racing. Beginning poker players seem to be the ones who can benefit most from a systematic approach to betting and opening just because they may not understand the odds or have mastered that very important part of the game and there may be some benefit from a simple system like Power Point Poker , but that is one of the few poker systems that will help and it is more for beginners than experienced poker players.

When the dust settles the truth of the matter is that whether you play poker or pick winning horses, the one you will probably be most successful at is the one you enjoy the most.


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