Winning At Sports Betting With John Morrison's SportsbettingChamp

Winning At Sports Betting With John Morrison's SportsbettingChamp

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Being a software developer has his own advantages. You get to see a lot of things from behind the counter. I was recently developed a betting software for a renovated website. I had been betting for years but this experience gave me the winning edge. I got to know a lot of things that I had never known before.

  • Firstly, sports betting is not just luck. Luck becomes a deciding factor only at times. For most of the games you can keep it away.
  • Secondly, statistics have a big role to play. No wonder those websites that provide detailed statistics sheets charge so heavy. They are providing you the road to a gold mine. If you can understand all those charts and drive a valid conclusion.
  • Thirdly, not everyone loses and not all sports betting systems are scam. This was my biggest gain. I had been betting for quite sometime. I purchased two systems initially. They both were offered as a service and I paid big bucks for three months of usage and could not even break par. I could personally bet better without their help. I started looking for a system with a new look.

Based on my learning from the experience, I narrowed it down to SportsBettingChamp. The system is designed by John Morrison. He is a Cornell graduate with a PhD in statistics, the kind of guy I was looking for. He has given a number of years into designing this system.

When I saw his website with a claim of 97% winning rate, I became dubious. I searched on it further and found that the system was not placing bets on every game. This was one of the things I had noticed while studying for the betting software. Winners rarely bet on all the games. Those who placed bet on all the games lost most of the time.

Another item that matched my study was that the system obtained the winning picks on basis of statistics instead of some insider tip or news items. So I knew that this system has the potential to win if it could analyze the data correctly.

Another consideration was the possibility of scam. Past systems that I have tried, ripped me off my money. SportsBettingChamp comes with a 8 week money back guarantee from ClickBank. Clickbank is a company you can trust on.

I bought the system because it met my conditions and requirements. The good thing was that it worked as promised. It makes your job quite simple. You can opt for email picks and avoid all the calculation work. You will get an email from John on where to bet and on which game.

I found this program to be quite useful. The kind of success rate it has is amazing and it is a system you can trust on. Moreover it has the same kind of winning experiences as I discovered while developing the software. If you are serious about making money from sports betting without just being lucky, SportsBettingChamp is the way to bet.


Source by Matt Mitchell


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