You Will Be Able to Win More With the New Blackjack Strategy

You Will Be Able to Win More With the New Blackjack Strategy

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Many individuals that play blackjack on a regular basis have been using the standard blackjack strategy for quite a few years. There's a new blackjack strategy that will absolutely reduce the House Edge and enable you to win more often when you're playing blackjack. If you have never used basic blackjack strategy, now is an ideal time to learn how to play blackjack by the numbers.

Basic blackjack strategy should be continuously utilized to stop casinos from escalating their initial advantage. Whenever you regularly adhere to your basic strategy while playing blackjack, the casino will not have very much of an advantage unless you are in a casino with rules that basically insures the casino to beat every player over the long-term.

You'll discover that a basic blackjack strategy chart will be especially helpful when you're beginning to learn how to play the game of blackjack. A strategy chart will show you exactly how to play blackjack based on the two cards that comprise your hand and the dealer's card that's turned up.

The new strategy proves without question that there are over two dozen possibilities that can improve your profitability. If you prefer to continue utilizing the basic blackjack strategy that you've become accustom to, at least consider changing these four possible actions that will enhance your winsnings when playing blackjack.

* Dealer's Up Card: 2 - Player's Hand: Hard 12 .... Action: Stand (Do Not Hit)
* Dealer's Up Card: 3 - Player's Hand: Hard 12 .... Action: Stand (Do Not Hit)
* Dealer's Up Card: 7 - Player's Hand: Soft 18 ..... Action: Hit (Do Not Hit)
* Dealer's Up Card: 7 - Player's Hand: Hard 7-7 ... Action: Hit (Do Not Split)

A good many individuals play blackjack based on their emotions at the exact time that their cards are deal to them. Please be assured that blackjack is not a game of emotions, but a game that is totally based on mathematical calculations. Anyone can win on on any given day (the short-term) but when you combine the new blackjack strategy with appropriate card counting procedures, you'll find that you will greatly improve your chances to win consistently over the long-term.

You will unquestionably have an advantage over the casino after you have learned how card count cards. Card counting will provide you with superior betting opportunities that you may not recognize at the time which can definitely increase your bankroll and possibly turn an unlucky day into the blackjack tables into a winning day.

The Hi-Lo card counting method is probably the most popular of all card counting methods that are currently available. If you would like to improve your winnings on a more regular basis when playing at the blackjack tables, learn this very simple system of card counting. Do not be fooled, learning how to count cards will require some serious work on your part but the rewards are well worth the effort involved. There are several good card counting software programs that are available that will help you to learn how to count cards the right way.

There are very few new basic blackjack strategy charts that can be found when searching the internet. After you have found a well prepared strategy chart that is easy to comprehend, always make sure that you are able to read it after you have printed it. There are quite a few old basic strategy charts that have very dark-colored backgrounds which are very difficult to read after they have been printed. The best blackjack strategy chart to print will generally have black print on a very light background.


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