3 Card Poker Strategy

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3 card poker is one of the simplest forms of poker you will find at both online casinos and land-based casinos. Unlike the longer versions of the game, 3 card poker is faster paced and the games resolve themselves a lot quicker and therefore 3 card poker strategy reflects this. You can win money a lot sooner at this game, but you can also lose a lot quicker. With this in mind, it is important to know a few basic strategies in order to minimize your chances of losing.

In 3 card poker strategy there are two main areas you can win. The first way is to get a better hand than the dealer. The second way is to get at least a pair. If you are just starting out at poker then this version of the game is perfect. Many players use 3 card poker as a stepping stone towards more complicated versions of poker.

In 3 card poker, your wins will depend on how you play your cards. However, in order to play a good hand you generally need good cards. You need to know when to stay in the hand and when to fold. If you continue to hang on to average cards then you will not be able to come out on top. Poker is about picking the battles you think that you can win. Many players stay in a hand due to their egos getting in the way or thinking that their luck will turn unbelievably against all odds. You need to keep a clear head and always play according to the cards that you have in your hand.

Depending on your hand, you will need to decide whether you want to fold or whether you wish to play one or both options. The card rankings in 3-card poker are not the same as most other versions of poker.

The hand rankings are as follows:
o Straight flush
o Trips
o Straight
o Flush
o Pair
o Single

Usually a flush in poker is ranked higher than a straight. However, the chances of landing three cards in a row in 3 card poker are less than getting three cards of the same suit. This is one of the many differences within 3 card poker. When it comes to the card rankings then this is the same as all other poker games, with Ace being the highest and Two being the lowest. If you are a Texas Hold'em or Omaha Poker player, for example, then you need to keep in mind that 3 card poker strategy requires a completely different mindset.

In general, the casino has a 3% advantage. Even though the dealer needs at least a Queen to qualify, there is no reason for you to stay in the hand if you do not think than you have at least an even chance of winning. If you are deal anything lower than Queen, Six, then you should fold your hand. The chances of you winning this hand are too low to risk it. If, however, you are cancellation Queen, Six, Four or higher then you should stay in the hand because the odds are in your favor for at least a 1: 1 payout.

Of course, being a game of relative luck, this is not always a foolproof plan. You need to find a poker strategy that works according to your style of play. If you are just starting out as a 3 card poker player then these above mentioned strategic tips should help you improve your game and to grasp the finer details of 3 card poker strategy.


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