Enroll Your Whole Mind For Winning the Lottery

Enroll Your Whole Mind For Winning the Lottery

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Without seriously enrolling your mind in the lottery issue, you can not win it. You first have to focus on how to collaborate with the two domains of your mind, the subconscious and conscious mind. Let us say you want to win the lotto jackpot. You think quickly of some numbers that have a certain significance for yourself, run to the store and write them on a lotto ticket. Kiss or do not kiss your ticket, God knows it, and think that now, maybe you will have a bit of luck and will hit the jackpot. Let us count all the mistakes you have made and that might lead you again to a new failure.

1) When you did this, you collaborated only with your conscious mind that helps you fulfill only up to 10% of your desires. The rest of 90% held by subconscious mind, remained unused. Compare the above percentage and see for yourself, without my " boring"commentary.

2) The chosen numbers have significance for you only. Nothing assures you that they are the lucky numbers. What would happen if the drawing criteria would be to satisfy all those significant numbers of those millions of participants? The reality is that lotto will always pick those numbers that correspond to momentary inner needs of the system before every live draw.

3) What you have done more than other lotto players, to be able to compete with millions of players and make sure that you will win? The answer is simple: nothing.

4) Based on what fact do you hope that now you will have a bit of luck? Did you do anything in addition, more than the other players, or more than once? The answer is simple: nothing more.

If you think that you know what to do to win the lottery, you are wrong. If you think that you do the right thing, you are wrong. The only reason you did not win yet the lotto jackpot is because you are not doing the right activity and also you are ignoring all of the other possible choices. What you actually do is to play lotto in a certain way that proved itself to be wrong.

For winning the lottery, you should enroll your whole mind. You do not need to neglect your subconscious mind, because it has the answer for what you want. You have to be patient and believe that you will get what you need and want, at the right time. Let me remind you some of the other techniques that gave excellent results to other players. The best technique is associative remote viewing and remote influencing lotto numbers. The creative visualization accompanied by positive affirmations is another excellent technique that most lotto winners use, but this technique requires more time.

There is a technique for who combines physical work on his lotto system, with spiritual work and it is suitable with other type of players. You should choose what is according to your needs. Just because it is a good technique, does not mean it is what you must choose. Please, read my articles for more information.


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